Anthony Fauci will front the Covid-19 panel on the origins of the


In his opening remarks, Republican Chairman Brad Wenstrup criticized Dr. Anthony Fauci for failing to listen to science.

“While policy and decisions should be based on scientific data, some, frankly, were not,” he said.

Wenstrup says one decision not based on science is the six-foot social distancing rule.

“The controversial six-foot social distancing rule lacked sufficient scientific evidence. In your words, 'it just showed up.' While social distancing made sense, the six legs were arbitrary,” Wenstrup said, adding that the rule prompted the closure of schools and workplaces.

“Americans don't hate science. But Americans know hypocrisy when they see it,” Wenstrup said in his opening remarks.

“Under your leadership, the United States health agencies have taken specific policies as a dogmatic truth without debate. Because of his desire for a single narrative,” he added.

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